Book Talks Offered To All Jackson County Middle School Classes

The next round of Jackson County Library booktalks will be in the spring, 2014. Please check back then for updated information.

Through a generous bequest, Jackson County Library Services offers age-appropriate book talks to all sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade students in Jackson County.

Janis Mohr-Tipton, Outreach to School-Aged Children Program Specialist for Jackson County Library Services, is scheduling book talk sessions for sixth graders; and sessions with a different selection of titles, for seventh and eighth graders. The talks can be arranged to fit your available times and group size.

If you would like to schedule a book talk for your class, please contact Janis at 541-774-6410 or via email at jmtipton@jcls.org. In facilities where one staff person is the contact, you may arrange for all your language arts classes that would like book talks.

If you have already participated in a Booktalk, please complete this short survey of your experience:
Fall 2012 - Spring 2013 Booktalk Survey

2013-14 Booktalk List for Sixth Grade
2013-14 Booktalk List for Seventh and Eighth Grades

Outreach To Childcare

  • Orientation tour
  • Research tour
  • Storytime
  • Book care talk
  • Browsing and check-out
  • School classes
  • After school programs
  • Special needs
  • Other groups

All class visits must be scheduled. Some days or times may be unavailable for class visits because of limited space, seating, equipment or staff. Please call the library where you would like to schedule a tour. To make sure your class gets the most out of your library visit, please read,  "How to Have a Successful Class Visit to the Library."

If you would like to e-mail your request to Medford or Ashland please click on the library and grade level below and fill out the Class Visit form. E-mail forms must be submitted 7 days in advance of the visit. If you do not receive confirmation, please contact the library prior to your visit.

Medford Elementary Grades (Patt Colwell 774-6409)

Ashland Elementary Grades (Margie Cicerrella 774-6995)

How to Have a Successful Class Visit to the Library

The Jackson County Library is committed to its role as a secondary support center for formal education. The library supplements school resources and hosts class visits.

We want each young person who visits to have a positive experience at the library. The quality of a class visit depends largely on advance planning and preparation. Teachers and library staff working together can ensure the best outcome.

The primary role of the library is to serve the general public. Class visits must be scheduled with respect for all library patrons. Some hours may be unavailable for classes because of limited space, seating, equipment, or staffing.

  • Request your class visit as soon as possible.  Available times are limited. Early scheduling allows the library to schedule adequate staffing, collect materials, and make any other preparations needed to assure a successful visit. Request forms are available at your school media center. Even if you book your class visit by phone, the request form will assist your planning.
  • Request the services that will be most helpful to your class.   Class visits may include, a library tour, instruction on the catalog and other online tools, a storytime, a bookcare presentation, etc.
  • Recruit other adults to accompany you and your students to the library.  The most successful visits are the ones with adequate adult support. The library suggests one adult per six to ten students, depending on the grade level. These adults may need to supervise students using the copy machine or other library equipment, or help students locate materials.
  • Return student applications for library cards at least ten days before your visit.  Returning applications ten days before your class visit ensures that the cards will be ready for students when they arrive. Students may get a limited service library card (two item limit) with a parent/guardian's signature.
  • Remind students who have library cards to bring them along.  We cannot guarantee checkout privileges to students without cards in hand.
  • Give students some flexibility in their research topics.  Students who have a second choice topic, in case their first choice is already in use, increase their chances of finding enough material.

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