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Book Reviews
A Cool Moonlight by Angela Johnson Happyface by Stephen Emond

This is about a little girl who has a disease. This causes her not to be able to go out into the sun. She has always wanted to, though, and to find out what happens you need to read the book for yourself. I like the fact that this book was full of hope and showed that all you have to do is believe.
Central Point Branch

This reminded me of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid. But it had a little bit of romance. "Happyface" as everyone calls him, is torn between family or Gretchen (his true love). This book was funny and sad at the same time. I really liked it! I liked how it had the little pictures or comic strips.
Central Point Branch
The Greatest: Muhammad Ali by Walter Dean Myers All Our Wordly Goods by Irene Nemirovsky

This book is very interesting because it tells you how he first started boxing and how he wanted to learn more and more about how it worked or how it was fun. Now Muhammed Ali is the world's most prestigious boxer who ever lived.
Central Point Branch

Agnes and Pierre live in a small and nosy town in France. In 1910, they're both engaged to other people. Against the wishes of their parents, they jilt their fiances and marry each other. The 1st World War disrupts their lives, while Pierre's ex-fiance ruins them. The ending felt incomplete - like there was more to the story, which I didn't like.
Central Point Branch
Just Listen by Sara Dessen Soul Surfer by Bethany Hamilton

Anabell meets Owen and he teaches her that life isn't all terrible or complicated as she makes it out to be. She learns to listen to herself. It was very well-written.
Central Point Branch

This book is an amazing book. I can't believe she was so calm during the attack. I would have been screaming my head off. I liked that it was written by Bethany herself.
Central Point Branch

Sisterchicks Go Brit by Robin Jones Gunn Girl in the Arena by Lise Haines

This book is a comedy, Christian story about two ladies who get invited to go to London by chance and have the trip of a lifetime. I laughed almost the whole time, yet it was a good story line. I would recommend this book to any teen girls who like Christian books. It was funny & entertaining.
Central Point Branch

This book put a twist to the Hunger Games trilogy. I think, personally, that it was better than the Hunger Games because there was more action and not just one person got to live and there was a better ending. I liked that not only one person survived.
Central Point Branch
Page by Paige by Laura Lee Gulledge The Future of Us by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler

The way she expresses her feelings is a really great way. I loved that it was in comic form but still a book
Central Point Branch

Emma and Josh are living their normal lives when Emma's dad buys her a computer. They discover Facebook, which hasn't been invented yet in their time. They see themselves 15 years later, and they experiment. Soon though, they discover that they hate worrying about how everything they do changes their future, and they might want to pay attention to what was happening in the NOW instead. I think it should have a sequel.
Medford Branch
Graphic Novel Reviews
Hibiki's Magic by Jun Maeda and Rei Idumi Dark Horse Presents by Scott Allie

Hibiki is a little girl who is an assistant of a magic wizard. She is helping hm conduct many experiments until one day an experiment and a robbery happen. Now poor Hibiki is left with "half" a master and must figure things out for herself. I loved the characters and how their personalities varied.
Medford Branch

This is a collection of various comic strips from the publisher Dark Horse. There is a menagerie of space rocketships, shoot-'em-up fight scenes, and mass murderers. Beautiful visual effects and kudos given to every illustrator. Flows well for a collection of short stories.
Medford Branch
In Odd We Trust by Dean Koontz The Big Book of Grimm by Jonathan Vankin

Odd Thomas is a nineteen-year-old guy who can see dead spirits. He lives in a small town where not much happens, but one day a little boy is murdered and he finds it's his job to find his murderer. As things unravel, more unnoticed things become crystal clear to Odd and the truth is revealed. I liked the drawing of the little boy... he was adorable.
Medford Branch

This was a collection of classic fairy tales as channeled by many different comic artists. With all of the original gore that was intended by the Brothers Grimm, from widely known stories such as Cinderella, Tom Thumb, and Little Red Cap to lesser knowns like Clever Hans, Three Snake Leaves, and Godfather Death, it is perfect. It was a good representation of children's stories with the true gore to frighten them into behaving.
Medford Branch
Halo and Sprocket by Kerry Callen Max Hamm: Fairy Tale Detective by Frank Cammuso

Halo is an angel, Sprocket is a robot, and Katie is a regular human being trying to keep up with their funny antics. It's a great book that's oddly engaging. I liked how funny it was.
Medford Branch

The book is about Max Hamm. First he loses his best friend Humpty Dumpty in an accident. Then his ex-girlfriend is the lead suspect in a murder. He gets all tied up in stuff that doesn't make sense when he tries to prove that she is innocent. I liked the cliff hangers.
Medford Branch
Program Reviews
Steampunk Jewelry Steampunk Jewelry

In this library program you get to make either a pin, necklace, or wrist band. You get to choose all sorts of beads, charms, and knick-knacks to put on your creation. Steampunk is a delightful twist of Victorian punk, and unique style! It can be classy, modern, or wild! I liked that you could be very creative in this activity.
Medford Branch

This program was an exciting experience for all ages and skill levels in jewelry making. Possibilities for our projects were endless, and everyone was able to express themselves and be creative as they learned about the jewery making art. I loved creating a piece of art out of not only beads and wire, but forgotten or discarded everyday items like old belt buckles.
Gold Hill Branch
Steampunk Jewelry Sand Art

Really fun, very informative, and it was a nice and calming thing to do. If it comes to your library - do it! I liked the creativity of it. Janis was really helpful in the process.
Rogue River Branch

Of course I did all the colors that were on the table. Also I put in my favorite colors like blue, purple, green, and yellow. But I did something else that was so cool! I mixed up a lot of colors. I also grabbed this stick and started to make really cool lines. What I liked about it was that it wasn't that messy and it looks really cool.
Medford Branch
Sand Art Sand Art

In this library program you start off with a bottle and ad tons of fun and bright colors of sand inside it. You can take chopsticks and puck the sand to get a wavy or rigid look. So when you're done you end up with a rainbow in a bottle! It's really pretty and is a great way to lighten up a room!
Medford Branch

We used many different colors and put it into a botte. It was fun to me and my sand art looked amazing. So did everyone else's. My favorite colors were red, dark bule, and purple. This activity is very fun and cool. I liked it! I like that it is so creative!
Medford Branch




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